Matters concerning the privacy of our customers and visitors are among relevant matters we deal with utmost care. Our policy on privacy speaks of how we value the information of our visitors and the importance of collecting them. The following is what you need to fully understand:

Why is it necessary to gather visitors' information?

This is purposely done to serve our customers better. The information we gather from them are the ones we use to enhance our products and services for their utmost satisfaction. These are the same information our site will use to ensure providing the best customer service to all our clients and customers when the need arises.

When is your personal information collected?

These are the following instances when we are able to collect your personal information when you visit and use our site:

  • Upon registration and creation of your account in our site
  • Placing an order
  • When you visit and use either products and services of our a affiliate sites
  • Subscribing our newsletters
  • When contacting us
  • Commenting on any of our online surveys or that of our affiliate sites.

Types of information we collect

Here is some of the relevant information we often collect from our visitors:

  • Name
  • Email and billing address
  • Telephone number
  • Product preference
  • Demographics like language, age, gender and other personal information.
  • IP address and even cookie

Protecting your personal information?

Despite the fact that we are able to collect any relevant information from our customers, they have nothing to worry as we commit to do the best we possibly can in securing those date to protect the identity of our customers and visitors being one of our company's utmost concerns. We further suggests our visitors to make their necessary steps in protecting all their transactions online in order not to fall prey to fraudulent individuals which are now literally flooding the internet. One of the many ways for anyone to protect their transactions online is to use SSL powered browsers since it surely protects the privacy of nearly all the personal data you shall share online when visiting a particular website including ours.

How do we use your personal information?

  • To communicate with our customers pertinent with the delivery of their orders. It is also relevant for providing them with only the best customer service in addressing all their concerns pertinent with their purchase.
  • Enhance the delivery of our products by providing customized and personalized services.
  • Encourage you to take part in any of our online surveys.
  • Update our customers with our latest products
  • Sending newsletters pertinent to new offers and promotions
  • Take and overview of our customer's feedback
  • Accommodate your comments in our interactive pages.

How & when do we share collected information?

  • To let you know about the latest offers we have and also from our affiliate sites
  • When we need to get in touch with you pertinent with whatever service you may want from us.
  • We deemed it necessary to share collected information whenever stipulated by a particular law or order from authentic judicial authority.
  • To protect the safety of both users and the public

Relevance of using cookies

Just like any other sites, it is really relevant for us to use cookies. This is one sure way for us to provide our customers with a real good and worthwhile experience visiting our site. This is one way for us to better understand customers' needs which will serve as our guide in enhancing our products and services. Cookies also provide us the edge at understanding the needed flow of traffic in our site.