In accordance to the Gibraltar Data Protection Act 2004 this policy has been implemented and we uphold the philosophy of the Act. You will know the procedure for processing the data, which is completely secure and confidential.

The Personal Data:

The procedure of registration and making of the personal account at lucky nugget requires you to feed in some personal details, which we collect alongside in the database. These details are more than just the name (first and late), and also include the email address, contact numbers, date of birth, details about the credit card and many other things.

The server is located in Gibraltar and Canada, and this collects and stores all this data that you give us with trust while registering. You can always make modifications of the personal data, and by law, you are also allowed to have a copy of this store data. Via just an email, you can always contact us and apprise us of the fact that you need to change the details. Now let us tell you who can see this data.

In complete accordance to the laws, this confidential data is securely visible and totally safely disclosed to the business partners. The use of this site is an automatic and assumed approval by you for the use of the data outside the EEA, which is necessary because the online transmission of data. You always have the choice of choosing not to receive any sort of promotional and advertising communications or emails. We assure you we don't sell the personal data, or use it without the consent in any way.

Security of Processing

The reason why passwords and secured encrypted account numbers are used is because whenever any sort of transaction is done because the security of the customer is the topmost priority. This way we secure the personal transfers-so that no third party is given access to them.

The encryption we used is a completely secure one-the SSL encryption encrypts each of the details whenever you are online and the passwords and numbers are in use. The account's confidentiality and integrity is protected by Datacash Ltd, through which the transactions take place. Datacash is a reputed and a top merchant in cash transactions.

Fraud Prevention

We also make regular checks to match the details at the site with other websites-this is a measure taken with the aim of preventing fraud and looting of money and credit card thefts. The money legislation demands that the personal data be acquired and stored as a confirmation of the identity.


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