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So why do we say that the slots are the easiest to play? Well, because minimum of the efforts are required on your part. Insert the coins, get to know about the game that you are playing, and just pull the reel! And hey, the slot machines tells you that you have won but you also see that no money is being paid, remember that haste makes waste, and getting off the machine is certainly not a wise thing to do! So take your time, patience is the key word you must start getting used to, and take help from somebody who seems to belong to the support staff of the casino. Trust us, there is nothing worse than seeing your earned credits going down the drain-and because all you did was get up in a jiffy!


Remember the prizes can take more than one form-sometimes the machine will hand you out credits and real coins, in other cases you might just get many more free spins. The first thing that should come to your mind before playing is getting to know what you need to win-the combination of symbols on the reel upon which the machine would pay out.

Apart from this, you might need to make different bets depending upon the machine you are playing at. From the three reel machine which has formed the basis for modification and improvement of the modern day variations of slots to the newer video technology which manifests itself in the form of video slots, there is a huge array of options that you can choose from!


Okay, so this is one thing you will have to accept, and it is best if you do so quickly-rather than trying to refute the one fact that is always constant-the casino is at an advantage. And why shouldn't it be? That's how casinos survive.

Even though this doesn't mean you can't win huge money-you can, and a lot of people make fortune by playing slots in a smart way, but remember, if you are thinking of ALWAYS beating the house, you are trying the impossible. Be it the jackpot or a simple game, never hope that since you have won till now, you will also win in the next bet.

The main purpose, in the end, is to have a great and memorable time at the casino, and you should fulfill it!