types of slots

We cover some of the most commonly encountered variations and explain you briefly but completely what they mean-so that your doubts can get cleared here. Reels would spin if one pulled the handle and turned it, in the era of traditional slot machines. Eventually, the result would be a random arrangement of three symbols in the middle. You would win if all the symbols matched, and this was called as the 'winning combination.' However, the modern day slot usually is a video one, with complete enriched graphics and a chip called the random number generator performing the job of generating numbers totally randomly. The online slots are based on a similar kind of random number production system.

Basic Variations

Whether in real casinos or online casinos, you will often find yourself facing many types of slots-and quite clearly, you wouldn't be able to choose if you didn't know how they differed essentially from each other. The main idea behind each slot remains the same however. Some of the most common of them are explained here:

Multiplier Games

The main principle here is too bet the maximum coins-and your chances of winning more increase with the size of the bet. So more the coins, the higher the chance that you win more-and with each coin that you add, the payout gets multiplied by a constant factor.

Multi-Line Game

As we just told you, when playing at a traditional slot, to win you need to achieve the unique combination of three symbols that all match in the middle reel. (Also, there could be more winning combinations than just this one, and you could win in other ways too).

Here in the case of multi-line machines, the scenario differs in the sense that the top and bottom lines count as well, and are also important, rather than just the middle line being taken into consideration. You are given an option to activate these lines-and the numbers of coins you can bet are increased as well. (From five coins earlier, you can now bet up to nine coins).

Progressive Machines

Progressive machines are that class of machines which is tops the list if you only consider the popularity and appeal! From each player's coins that he or she has bet, a small portion is taken and added to the progressive jackpot where the money keeps accumulating gradually. So each player has his contribution, and so each player is important to the game. The only way you can win a progressive jackpot is by always betting the maximum coins allowed-so that you get considered.