As more and more new players try out blackjack and get engrossed deeply into the game, you cannot help but stare in awe at the huge influence the game of Blackjack has exerted upon the community of players. And if you are think about how you are going to about learning how to play blackjack, then you can assure yourself of the fact that it's a pretty simple task.

Not only can you decrease the odds of the dealer, but better your own odds of winning the game through strategies-but for that you must understand how Blackjack is correctly played first.

Some Basic Rules

blackjack bet

Well, it would suffice to say that the whole idea and the only aim of the player is to beat the dealer by your own hand value which should not be more than 21.

  • Rule One: 10 is the value given to the face card-and the rest have their values corresponding to their number. 1 or 11 is the value given to the Ace card-and this is flexible depending upon what you need to win.
  • Rule Two: Your objective is to get a value which is above the value of the dealer's hand, but remember that your total should not go beyond 21-and if that happens, you lose!
  • Rule Three: When you win, you get equal of what you invested in the bet, but the ratio is 3 to 2 when you have the Blackjack.

Playing the Blackjack Game

Once you are familiar with the rules, you must understand the following section.

The actions of the players

  1. Dealer deals you two cards after you make your bet-and gives himself two too (one up and one down)
  2. These are the drawing options you have
    • Hit -when you can't beat the dealer
    • Stand - when you can beat the dealer.
  3. There are many advanced betting options which the players can go for while playing Blackjack. These are explained below:
    • Surrender -you "surrender" when you know you have got bad cards in the first deal. Once you play a lot and get enough experience, you will learn how to use this sensibly-because this can be important many times.
    • Split - The basic idea is to split aces, and you "split" when a pair gets dealt to you.
    • Double Down - When you really like the card and are ready to count on it, then you can "double" the bet. Usually this decision is made by considering your first card and the dealer's up card.

Actions of the Dealer

The dealer, on the other hand, has restricted number of decisions

  • Hit - the dealer needs a total of 17, and when he gets this value, he hits.
  • Stand - dealer stands when he gets the value he needs, and he is said "to bust" if his value exceeds 21.